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Fran Ridge          

             MADAR BRIEFING       
JAN 16, 2024

Greetings Everyone,

It's hard to believe that it has been 53 years since MADAR was created and MADAR-III is going into it's 7th year!  The Project has over 250 members and the number of dataProbes in the world is at about 140.

MADAR Command Center in Newburgh, IN

The MADAR Network currently operates in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  Presently 67 sites (or 47%) are DAS-equipped, which means the site teams are alerted by an alarm system, go out and gather more data with selected equipment. The system is working, and working well!

So far we have accumulated 64 correlations with the new system. We had 4 in 2018, 2 in 2019,  5 in 2020. and 8 in 2021. MADAR activity with sighting correlations took a major jump in 2022 beginning with the war in Ukraine. There were 33 correlations that year. We had 11 last year but also had "black Tuesday" on June 27th where we introduced a new software build into the system and we made a fatal error that took us six months to recover from. We lost all of our MADAR sites that day, but we were able to get 140 of them back online.

We knew we were on the right track with the new MADAR-III system when we logged the code blue at Millerton, Pennsylvania on April 23, 2020:


The next one was a little more graphic and occurred at Indianapolis on September 6, 2021.

Indianapolis, Indiana

On that date MADAR site 21's magnetometer recorded an anomaly at 6:26 AM. The field reading of 32.25 milligaus was 2.25 over the threshold. Twenty-three seconds later the compass heading exceeded the multi-sensor verification protocol (3 degree) range by going from 90.64 to 101.36 at 10:25:29. The Op put out an APB using facebook requesting anyone seeing anything unusual that morning and received a response from an observer who had spotted an unknown object at the exact same time or 6:25 am local time. It turns out the witness was a retired Marion County and State Capitol Police officer, and at the time of the sighting, an Uber driver. Beach Grove/Indianapolis, retired police officer, Jeff Hall, was sitting at the corner of Thompson Road and Emerson Avenue in the old Kmart parking lot. He was in his car facing West when he looked up and saw a black cigar-shaped craft with 7 round white lights on the trailing edge of the object, which was silent. He estimated the craft was 1800-2000 feet high, similar to low flying helicopters. From witness's vantage point inside his vehicle, he estimated the object to be around 1/2 mile (2640 feet) away. When looking at it with his arm outstretched, eye to thumbtip of around 25-30 inches, he noted it was at  45 degree angle up and about the size of 3-4 of his thumbnails which was approximately 3-3-1/2 inches. This indicates a large craft estimated to be about 300 feet wide which would make the 7 lights on trailing edge about 15 feet across. Object moved from NE to SW and disappeared out of sight as he drove off to pick up a customer. He stated he had seen this exact same craft in August 2021 about 8-10 miles West of this location near his home. Witness had seen no other aircraft in area during the sighting. I ran a Flight Radar 24 loop for the period and there were no aircraft in the area.

Almost anything you want to know about MADAR is covered in the following file folder called MADAR 101. Also please check out our YouTube site:

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If your just visiting and do not belong to the MADAR team, you can join by just sending me a note. MADAR Operators are automatically added to the madar email list.

Francis Ridge, Director
MADAR Operations Center