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Updated 18 May 2023

If we are to get even close to solving the UAP riddle we must try some new ideas. That was the contention in 1970 when I created the MADAR Project.  MADAR stands for Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automatic Recording. With numerous successes over a period of 50 years with one such detection station, and evidence from over 500 E-M cases (150+ involving compass deviations), one thing is certain: these craft can be detected and an early warning system works. Scientific data collection by civilians will prevail over a century of lies and cover-ups by world governments. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In fact, we have learned more during the last five years than all the previous years concerning UAP detection and how and why this can happen. But more on that later.

The MADAR Network currently operates in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The program has 168 sites running and presently, 56, or 34% are now DAS-equipped, which means the site teams can be alerted by an alarm system, go out and gather more data with selected equipment. The project has 221 members.

The Command Center is located at Newburgh, Indiana. With over 50 years of experience in the UAP detection field and a number of detection projects, the MADAR Project is continuously delving into the unknown with the latest in technology.  Learn all about the beginnings of the project by clicking on MADAR-I above.  Using new electronic and computer technology, in 2014 MADAR-II began a new exciting phase in the study.  And in 2016 the ground work for an even better and cheaper system was begun which has taken the Project world-wide.  After over two years of research and development a new system emerged that is making UAP history. 

The MADAR Project, with a half century of work in the UAP anomaly detection area, and thousands of dollars invested over the years, has produced numerous ideas that developed as technology improved:  MADAR (1970-1992) was the first detection and recording system for anomalies in the geomagnetic field and background radiation. MADAR-II (2014-2016) added a fluxgate magnetometer for anomalies in the local E-M field, a mode control panel, two computers, four surveillance cameras, five monitors, a quad video multiplexer, a surveillance camera recorder,  a geiger counter also connected to Mineral Labs Radiation Network's live Map, and three data recorders covering five channels, all data time-stamped with the Universal Time Code. In April of 2016 a new idea was conceived to create a network of affordable devices. After a costly and disastrous false start in the fall, by early 2017, longtime MADAR member Rich Vitello and his ARUFON Team jumped in to rescue the project with their hardware and software expertise. By May of 2018 the MADAR-III DataProbe system was operational. With the support of over 50 members, all this time the MADAR Project has had only one detection station. Until now! Now anyone can be a part of a world-wide network!

MADAR-III's DataProbe uses the newest breakthrough technology that provides a basic unit that doesn't actually require any of the things mentioned above to work. This device provides UAP detection, alerting and recording. The alerting system provides an alert message via cell phone plus an alert email. For those who wish to participate at a higher level and operate a rapid response team with additional equipment, a $20 device from Amazon will shake you out of bed. This small device is a powerful tool and sending unit connected to a vast world-wide system of other units in the MADAR Network.  The data obtained from an alert, even spikes in data during a sighting that DIDN'T trigger an alert, has been detected!

The patented hardware is extremely reliable and can be used anywhere. The DataProbe has its own onboard 1.2 GHz computer and the network has a dedicated MADAR server running 24/7. Setup is easy and the device can be ready to operate in minutes. The unit is connected to the router/ internet via an Ethernet cable, and is programmed for WI-FI.

The sensor looks at data background levels at 15x's per second but records data on a spreadsheet once every minute. When the device detects an anomaly the software algorithm puts the MADAR DataProbe into alert mode or "code blue" (the LED on the relay turns blue). The device, begins sending data much faster, beginning with the line called AlertStart which logs data at once per second during an even plus an additional three minutes. (The DAS siren lasts 60-seconds)

The operator of the device anywhere in the world is alerted according to his/her privacy settings in the MADAR Control System.  All operators are alerted via email that provide a hard copy of the event, but the latest model has a relay switch that can activate other equipment. Data transmitted to the dedicated server and recorded by the device gives the Node Number, changes in compass heading, geomagnetic field reading in milligaus, accelerometer reading - all date/time-stamped in UTC.  Data is stored on the server, and by comparing readings prior to and after, one can establish the magnitude and duration of an event.

If you wish to monitor what is going on (on a map of the United States for example) you can use any computer or laptop or Iphone to check in on your device, and zoom in on ANY OTHER DEVICE NEAR YOU.  And just like any other professional surveillance company, the MADAR OPERATIONS CENTER is monitoring and storing data.  The live screen MADAR Display or Map shows device locations all over the U.S. and other parts of the world. When a device goes into alert status the white node icon turns red and, if you have the box checked, your pc sounds a klaxon every 60 seconds.

If you have any questions I would bet we already have an answer for you. Go to the Information Folder at the top of this web page. It also includes special papers and training information series reports about MADAR. Enjoy!!! papers/

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